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Practice what you preach...

Posted on 02/04/2011 at 04:30 pm by EC Moran Insurance Company
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At E. C. Moran Insurance we talk to current and potential clients about managing risks of loss to avoid insurance claims and therefore keep their premiums low. Last Monday I took my own advice.

The snow had accumulated on my roof and the ice had a firm grip all around my house. I knew I had to do something about it …. and soon. I was dreading having to try and find equipment and get myself up on the roof. So it was great on Monday night when I opened up Village Soup and one of the first things that caught my eye was a small blurb off to the side by Daggett Builders stating "Need Help Removing Heavy Snow & Ice From Your Roof?" I thought this must be fate. I emailed them not expecting to hear back before the next day, but I got an email back shortly thereafter with information on services and a note that Chris would give me a call.

Tuesday morning arrived gray with signs of an approaching storm. I drove to work and received a call from Chris and detailed my problem. He told me he could have two guys out on my roof that day to get it done before the storm arrived. I was skeptical but thought I’d take a chance.

When I arrived home that night from work it was snowing pretty hard. I drove into my driveway and saw signs that work had been done, but didn’t have a chance to really look it over. Later on that evening I got a call from Chris confirming the work done and the time it took. The next day it snowed hard and so all the work that had just been done was covered up with more snow, but I felt good that I knew the load was lighter on the roof. That evening I was emailed photos of the work as it was being done and it’s completion. And that was followed up with a call from Crystal and an emailed invoice.

The service I received from Daggett Builders went above and beyond what I was expecting. They were so helpful and so efficient. They were definitely the right help at the right time. I urge homeowners throughout the Midcoast to consider their services and protect your property from loss.

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