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Motorcycles - are you ready to ride?

Posted on 04/04/2012 at 12:00 am by EC Moran Insurance Company
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1. Check tires - They are the most important part of a bike. If the engine quits, bike rolls to a stop. If a tire quits, trouble !. Check the surface of the tires, looking for cuts in the rubber or foreign objects. Check the tire pressures with a good gauge. If a tire is low every time you check it, even after adding the proper amount of air each time, there is a slow leak. Fix it before it becomes a fast leak.

2. Check the controls. Cables are quite strong and rarely break, but look for kinking, stiffness or anything unusual in their operation.

3. Check all lights. Make sure Brake lights, headlights and turn signals work. Also check horns and mirrors

4. Check fluid levels. Not just oil and fuel - if the bike is liquid-fueled, check coolant levels too.

5. Check the chain/shaft/belt drive on the bike (whichever the bike has) to make sure it is in proper working order and there are no signs of damage or excess wear.

6. Check brakes. Just to make sure they have not worn away.

7. Check stands. Make sure side and center stands fold up properly and stay up. Replace any weak, broken or missing retraction springs.

RIDER CHECK - The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers these reminders for a safe and fun ride:

-to be a safe rider, get to know the motorcycle and its owners manual well

- Always use both brakes to slow down

- When turning:

  -slow down before entering a turn; look as far ahead as possible through the turn.

  - keep your feet on the pegs and grip the gas tank with your knees

  - Lean with the motorcycle; don't try to sit perpendicular to the road while the motorcycle is leaning over.

  -Keep an even throttle through the turn, or even accelerate a little bit.

-Use the SEE SYSTEM: Search around for potential hazards.Evacuate any possible hazards, such as turning cars, railroad tracks, etc. Execute the proper action to avoid the hazard

-Position the motorcycle where it can be seen. Don't get behind a large truck or ride in the blind spot of a vehicle. get out there, take up a whole lane, be seen

- out on the open road, with higher speeds, be sure to adjust your gap to three or four seconds or more, depending on your speed.

- At intersections always check for traffic coming from the left, right and behind.


courtesy of Dairyland's cycle department

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