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Posted on 02/19/2010 at 02:28 pm by EC Moran Insurance Company
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Fasten Your Lap Belt...

  • Make sure the belt is worn snugly over the lower part of your pelvis. If the belt is allowed to ride up across your stomach, it will be pushed against your intestines, liver or other internal organs in a crash. Injury to these vital organs can be fatal.
  • Sit up straight. Slouching causes the lap belt to ride up. A belt that is worn too loosely could allow you to slide under it in a crash.
  • Check your lap belt several times during a trip, even a short one. Make sure it stays low and snug. In some lap/shoulder belt systems, a tug on the shoulder belt will tighten your lap belt.
  • Consider clothing. A heavy coat can make it difficult to wear your belt correctly. For very bulky coats, it's best to take them off. To get the best possible fit when you wear your coat buckle up and then tuck any excess bulk towards your side. This will alow the lap belt to make proper close contact over the pelvic bones. A short jacket can easily be pulled out from under the belt.
  • Always buckle up, even if pregnant. Make sure the belt stays snug and well below your abdomen.

Adjust Your Shoulder Belt...

  • Position your shoulder belt over the top part of your shoulder and across your chest. That distributes crash forces over a large area of your rib cage and protects your soft organs underneath.
  • Make sure the shoulder belt lies comfortably snug against your body. Some shoulder belts work like window shades. Each time you lean forward, even a little, and then back the shoulder belt loosens and stays that way unless it's tugged on. There should never be more than one inch of slack between you and your shoulder belt. Get into the habit of checking your belt often.
  • Don't tuck your shoulder belt underneath your arm. In a crash, this puts pressure on your ribs, which are thin and easily broken. Broken ribs may be pushed inward potentially causing serious damage to your internal organs.
  • Secure your children safely. Children who have outgrown their regular car seats still may not be tall enough to safely wear a shoulder belt. It may cross their neck or face. A correct fit can be achieved by raising the child up on a special car booster seat. Select a booster seat that will keep the lap belt low across the child's thighs or hips.
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