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Progressive Snapshot - Safe Driving saves!

Posted on 04/22/2011 at 05:30 pm | Viewed 4,716 times

We are excited to offer you the new "Snapshot" discount program through Progressive. It can offer you up to 30% discount, and cannot raise your premiums. In exchange you agree to install a driving monitor for 6 months, to check on the hours your drive and your braking (no gps). So, if you are willing to do this, your insurance is discounted...

WHEN to get an insurance review

Posted on 02/15/2011 at 12:00 pm | Viewed 4,153 times

Having a good relationship with your insurance agent is important, and you should always ask your agent to look at requoting your insurance when a significant lifestyle change happens or when you notice larger than normal increases in your premiums.  Your independent insurance agent can review your policy and premiums with a number of...

Practice what you preach...

Posted on 02/04/2011 at 04:30 pm | Viewed 4,143 times

At E. C. Moran Insurance we talk to current and potential clients about managing risks of loss to avoid insurance claims and therefore keep their premiums low. Last Monday I took my own advice.

The snow had accumulated on my roof and the ice had a firm grip all around my house. I knew I had to do something about it …. and soon. I was...

Snow Load Alert !!!

Posted on 01/31/2011 at 03:00 am | Viewed 4,223 times

From The Loss Control Department of The Hanover Insurance Group




The unprecedented snow load on roofs in the Northeast has led to some building damage and collapse. According to reports from several localities, schools, churches, commercial and residential buildings, carports and awnings have been...

Frozen pipes ruin more than your day..

Posted on 01/24/2011 at 05:00 am | Viewed 4,497 times


An average of a quarter-million families have their homes ruined and their lives disrupted each winter, all because of water pipes that freeze and burst. Recovering from frozen pipes is not as simple as calling a plumber. An eighth-inch (three millimeter) crack in a pipe can spew up to 250 gallons (946 liters) of water a day. Both plastic...

Five Biggest Insurance Mistakes!

Posted on 11/19/2010 at 07:00 am | Viewed 4,336 times

Tips For Saving Money On Home and Auto Insurance, From the I.I.I.

OCTOBER 25, 2010

New York Press Office: (212) 346-5500;

NEW YORK, October 25, 2010 — With nearly one in 10 Americans out of work, and others forced to make ends meet with less money, many people are looking for ways to cut costs....

Heating Tips from NFPA

Posted on 11/05/2010 at 08:30 pm | Viewed 4,275 times

Heating equipment is a leading cause of home fire deaths. Almost half of home heating equipment fires are reported during the months of December, January, and February. Some simple steps can prevent most heating-related fires from happening.

Safety tips  

  • Home heating safety tips
    Download these NFPA safety tips on home heating
    (PDF, 634...

MEMIC Ranked at the top by P/C Insurers

Posted on 11/01/2010 at 04:00 pm | Viewed 4,710 times

MEMIC ranks as best in P/C insurance

PORTLAND, Maine – A nationwide survey of 7,800 insurance agents ranked MEMIC as the top insurer in the property-casualty insurance industry on a range of measures including customer service and overall ease of doing business.

Massachusetts-based research firm Deep Customer Connections (DCC) released its...

Buckle Up to protect your Children

Posted on 02/22/2010 at 02:31 pm | Viewed 6,579 times

Nationwide Crash Data

  • Driver restraint use is the strongest predictor of child restraint use.
  • A restrained driver is three times more likely to restrain a child.

Nationwide Observational Research

  • When a driver is buckled, restraint use for children (birth to 15) is 87%
  • When a driver is unbuckled, restraint use for children (birth to...

Life-saving advice

Posted on 02/19/2010 at 02:28 pm | Viewed 4,118 times

Fasten Your Lap Belt...

  • Make sure the belt is worn snugly over the lower part of your pelvis. If the belt is allowed to ride up across your stomach, it will be pushed against your intestines, liver or other internal organs in a crash. Injury to these vital organs can be fatal.
  • Sit up straight. Slouching causes the lap belt to ride up. A...

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